An interactive media design consultancy and production company.

People & Who we are

Working at VeerIT may be a little different to what you’ve been used to. We’re a small, slightly dysfunctional family, and we like to play just as hard as we work.

We don’t sit people together based on discipline, but instead in small cross-disciplinary teams to encourage discussion and innovation. In practice this means designers sat next to developers, no “management offices”, and a great atmosphere. We’re not big on unnecessary hierarchy and process.

Our flat management structure means you’ll have plenty of chances to step up and progress your career. It’s not uncommon for people to join VeerIT and still be here many years later running a team or becoming the leader in their field across the company.

Our Brand Values

Fiercely Independent

We’re proud to be independently owned by our founders. It means we can retain an independent spirit in everything that we do, from what we look for in potential employees, to our not-for-profit gallery spaces.

Highly Intelligent

Behind all of our work is an intelligence that drives us to look for solutions that deliver measurable effectiveness as well as creative excellence.

Loyal Family

We take care of our own. There’re no politics, there’re as few processess and guidelines as we can get away with and there’s a flat structure that embraces people who want to do well and be noticed. We’re here for each other, to help each other get better.

Brutally Honest

We’re not ‘yes men’. We challenge our clients and each other, with honest and thoughtful questions and opinions. You will always know what we think.

Exceptionally Unconventional

We’ve always been a bit different, and we’ve always challenged conventional thinking. But being unconventional leads us to some interesting places. We try not to burden ourselves with the way things have to be, and instead just look at the way things could be.