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An interactive media design consultancy and production company.
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Our full service interactive team can lead you through the process of CMS selection, strategic planning, deployment and training. VeerIT can offer you full range of CMS services that can reduce the cost of controlling your business. Content management system is a unique application which can be used to easily manage contents appearing over any website. These contents can be in the form of text, audio, video or images. CMS makes it so easy to manage contents, that clients can themselves upload content appearing on the websites. VeerIT provide client a choice of service between Open CMS Solution and Custom CMS Solution.

  • Open CMS Solution can give you
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in
  • Can be molded to suit disparate needs
  • Simplistic interface with ease of use
  • Enhanced flexibility and responsiveness
  • Cost efficient
  • Quick deployment
  • Proven solution with a broad deployment base
  • Community Support
  • Custom CMS Solution can give you
  • Intuitive yet powerful interface
  • Custom built functionalities with Scalable Architecture
  • Business workflow incorporation
  • Planned data Management and security protocols
  • Comprehensive Support/maintenance service for a long term association
  • Gateway to in-house and external systems