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Pay per click (PPC) campaign management & advertisements

An campaign optimized solution provider and online marketing consultant.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the primary way of advertising and campaigning in online industry. A PPC campaign is to get more ROI, when a person search keyword terms in search engine and your ads displays in result then its called as ‘ad impression’. And when a person clicks on your advertisement from search result then it is counted as ‘ad click’ which brings traffic to your landing page. So PPC campaigning brings relevant traffic and lets you determine exactly who comes to your landing page. Where your advertisement be positioned in search result depends on ‘Ad Rank’ and ‘Ad Rank’ is calculated by –

Ad Rank = Cost per click (CPC) Bid x Quality Score

Why choose VeerIT for your PPC Marketing ?

  • Ads Relevancy. We know how to make your ad relevant and help to improve both your Quality Score and the CTR your ads should get. When you get higher Quality Score, you pay less for each click you receive. Better ROI by creating high quality relevant ads.
  • Fully Tested Ads. We create variations of ads and test ads every month to improve the Click-through-rate (CTR). Create relevant ads need to be fully tested in overall process of campaigning for best results and we are specialized in maintaining that.
  • Enhanced Campaigning. In the ads which is getting displayed to the user we can show sitelinks, app extensions, dynamic search or display direct offers to the users. We determine what to display and which extensions can influence more clicks to your business.
  • Best Practices. We are experienced PPC advertisers & online marketers and follow best practices to structure Ad campaign for any business or product. Good foundation of your campaign is the key to your product success.